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Have an 21 etron here in the Midwest. Over the summer, I was getting average efficiency if 3.5-3.8 miles/kw with AC on, now with colder weather(temps in the 20-40F range), efficiency has dropped to 2.0-2.5 miles/kw. That's almost a 40% drop! Is this typical? I'm trying to run the heat as little as possible since my garage keeps the car at 45F overnight. I heard preheating the cabin may help but doesn't this just use more electricity from the wall anyway? Not sure if overall it would be more efficient vs. no preheating.

My Tesla Model S used to lose about 25-30% in winter.
I can’t speak for your eSUV, but from what I understand of my GT, preheating initially draws from the battery, at some point, the battery is replenished IF it is plugged in.
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