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2 months in, here's what I want:
  • Car key: a way to tell which button opens or locks the car without looking at it. I'm always having to take it out to see. I want to program one so that it knows it's my profile, and the other so that it knows it's my wife's profile so that we don't have to deal with the MMI when we get in.
  • Driver seat: the seat rail sticks up so that I'm always hitting it with my foot when I'm getting out of the car (I'm tall so I have the seat back)
  • Head up display: option to add consumption, range, night vision, Car Play navigation app directions.
  • Navigation: Why are gas stations featured in the navigation?!
  • Touch screen: enable haptic with Car Play (the MMI haptic is badass btw)
  • Center console: pretty poor. Needs dedicated place for the car key, space for sunglasses, and to secure other things. You put one cup in that thing and it's full. I've also had things fly out through the open sides. Phone charging bay is cool, but only works when my phone is facing one way, and then only occasionally.
  • MMI: PLEASE do a card sorting exercise with regular people so that you can learn how to categorize features in a logical way (how card sorting exercises work: write each feature on a different notecard, then have people that don't work for your company sort the cards into categories that make sense to them). Stuff is hard to find and not intuitive at all.
  • Consumption: I'm having a heck of time finding how to display Miles per kWh metric. Does it even exist?
  • Camera: When signaling to the right, have a camera come on the MMI and show what's in the blind spot. I loved that in my Honda, though make sure it plays nice with CarPlay (i.e. doesn't switch apps when it comes on and off)
  • Backing-up: Stronger tail light ... I seem to find it harder to see what's happening behind me when I'm backing up compared to other cars I've had.
  • Cruise control button: Hits against my knee ... would like more clearance.
  • Backdoors: My kids always struggle to open them. It's like the handle is not engaging.
  • Trunk
    • Doesn't reliable open when I wiggle my foot underneath. One time closed without warning, and didn't stop when it touched me so I had to push it back.
    • The netting on the side trays don't hold up well.
  • The myAudi app. Please delete that thing and start over.
    • 50% of the real estate on the first screen is the car. I know what my car looks like! I don't need to see it in the app on the main screen.
    • I would like to know where it is, charging status, whether it's locked, and the inside temperature. I'd also love to have remote access to the cameras.
    • All other features should be nested. Don't show me "no warnings". There's no new information there! Just show them when there's something that I need to see. Otherwise you are taking up space for nothing.
    • A manual mileage tracker? You have all the trips logged in the statistics automatically. Why can't I use that instead, rather than having to enter stuff manually?
  • Consumption calculation. Most driving is going to be on the same routes, so you should collect consumption and use some average when the car drives on those routes, to do a better estimation. Currently the consumption estimates vary so much even when I'm on the same commute doing the same speed.
That said, what's badass:
  • The drive
  • Quiet cabin ... really excellent
  • The sound of the car while driving slowly
  • The massage seats
  • Head up display
  • MMI Haptic ... so good
  • 3D Camera
  • Interior lighting ... wished it was simpler to access
  • The automatic trap to access the charger
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