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HI All,

This is something I would like to see or think would be good, some may thing that's silly but what to you ladies and gent think of this??

A.) Short Trip calculations
The short trip advisor starts with 99.99KW usage, this does not make sense. If this is really the case of 99KW on start than the car is empty after 45 minutes standing… Here is should reset itself and start from 0.0 and work its way up… (this is no combustion engine where it is correct 0 start from the top due the nature of fuel burning in cold status of an engine).

B.) Battery Temperature
The info is missing. It would be good to display during the charging state the temperature of the battery with the other information’s during charging.
Also during driving, as a driver, what is useful is to have a separate menu entry for battery status (temperature). This could or should be something like this:
Sample but whatever the ranges should be can Audi decide and they know better
• Cold: e.g. -40 to +25c
• Warm: e.g. +26 to +65c
• Hot: e.g. +66 to +100c
As a driver is the info valuable as it shows not just the info but in the same time could prevent issue on the long run. Could be as a pie-chart displayed or any other way.

C.) Steering wheel hotlink button *
The * button on the steering wheel is very limited on what can be set for fast access.
Good would be also to allow things like
• MAX Defrost – front
• Max Defrost – back
This would help safety, when you drive in a tunnel and windows fog up instantly, you could click on the steering wheels * button to switch on the defrost without looking down to look for it. When the windows fog up instantly it is already a stress situation for a driver and this would help so the driver can concentrate on the road and does not need to look for the button on the air condition panel.

just my thought of would be good (or maybe not lol )


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I’d like to see

Heated steering wheel (not sure why this was removed from the buid)
Self parking (all Audi’s have this options, why not the e-Tron - we only get camera assistance)
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